Urban Aerial Fitness Orange County, CAIntro to Pole – Our talented staff will safely guide you through a beautiful stretching sequence, floor-work, developing your own signature walk and generating a beautiful spin. We will take you through key foundational movements, language, and stylization. (75 minutes)

Pole Flow – Pole Flow class builds strength, flexibility, self-confidence and overall fitness while focusing on beautiful, sensual flowing movement. You will learn progressions of floor work, static spins, dance, tricks and transitions.  All levels of pole experience are welcome. (75 minutes)

Spinning Pole – This intermediate class will get you comfortable with the constant motion of the spinning pole, help you navigate centrifugal force (including during climbs and inversions), teach you how to control body movement as the pole spins, and expose you to several poses, movesand concepts.  (60 minutes)

Instructor Jules Ann doing vertical splits on the pole

Climb and Invert – This class is a format specially designed for students to learn all the core fundamentals of climbing and inversions. You will experience a variety of climbs, basic inversions, mounts, inverted bracket holds and more.  This class is not suitable for a first class. (60 minutes)

Open Pole – Open practice for all levels and abilities.   There is limited supervision and NO Instruction. (60 minutes)

Freestyle Fridays

Gettin’ Tricky – Once you have a solid foundation in your basic climbs and inversions, it is time to take it to the next level. This class is for students ready to challenge themselves with more complex tricks and transitions, using both static or spinning poles. This is a “must do” class for those interested in competitions or those just wanting to increase their “WOW” factor. This class is not for beginners. (60 minutes)


Flexibility & Fitness

Instructor Jules Ann showing off her flexibility

Flexibility – Flexibility training increases our range of motion, reduces risk for injuries, releases tension and improves coordination.  Our class format is designed to work hand in hand with our aerial modalities.  Participant, at all levels, will work at their own pace – from absolute beginner to contortionist. (60 minutes)

Vertical Barre – Get that flat abs, sculpted arms, lifted bootie and long flexible muscles!  This class integrates the pole in a fat-burning format of interval training with the muscle shaping and elongating principals of dance conditioning.  This class is for all levels.  (60 minutes)

Hula Hoopla –  Students will learn basic waist hooping as well as on body and off body tricks, such as body rolls, vortexes, isolations and weaves.  Students will also beginner moves and combos that will help with flow movement. (60 minutes)

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