Urban Aerial Fitness offers classes for young performers ages 7 to 14. Aerial arts is a fun, exciting and challenging workout which develops strength, coordination, flexibility and core muscles

After a thorough warm-up, our talented and experienced staff will inspire your teen on Silks, Hoop and Hammock in a fun and safe environment.

Teen classes take place on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm. If you want to drop by to try out one of our classes, please call us at (714) 502-4983 so we can reserve you a spot.

When visiting our studio for the first time, please follow this tips:

  • Wear proper attire: tight-fitting pants and shirt. Avoid baggy loose clothes
  • Bring a gym towel: you will break a sweat.
  • Leave all jewelry¬†at home
  • Bring your cell phone: you are going to want pictures of your first time flying, believe us.
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Kids & Teens Instructors



Ashleigh has been practicing aerial arts for the past 5 years. As an experienced performer, she brings a level of dedication and attention to detail to every part of a routine.



Alexandra has been practicing aerial arts for the past 4 years. Before aerial arts, she was a semi-professional ballroom dancer. Her experience in dance helps her students hit those gorgeous poses