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7 Unexpected Health Benefits to Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness Classes at Urban Aerial

Before diving into the 7 unexpected health benefits of pole fitness classes, let’s address the elephant in the room. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read the words pole fitness?

Did you imagine a room filled with trained dancers who do it for a living? Well, that’s not who’s in our pole fitness classes. And let us be clear, we’re not knocking those who pay their bills by working a pole, we’re simply stating there are two sides to every coin. Pole Fitness is a phenomenal alternative workout for those looking for something different.

Urban Aerial Fitness’ pole room is filled with women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Don’t believe us? Check out these blog posts about long-time poler Grace or Mariah

Yes, society will continue to stigmatize pole fitness classes. This post isn’t for them.  This post is for those who are curious about what pole fitness can offer them. it’s for the ones who haven’t been able to find a workout and dislike going to basic gyms, doing an endless amount of reps. 

This blog post is for the ladies who are looking to get back in touch with their feminine side while working out and building friendships with the rest of Urban’s regular crew. 


Pole Fitness classes here at Urban

The 7 Unexpected Health Benefits to Pole Fitness:

  1. Increases your flexibility which promotes great blood circulation and counteracts the damage done by sitting at a desk all day.
  2. It burns calories FAST. This is a great cardio workout. It beats hitting the treadmill for 30-minutes everyday. 
  3. Builds lean muscles. On top of burning fat it also helps plump up those bicep muscles we all want.
  4. Tones your abdominal muscles and strengthens your pelvic floor – women who have given birth and then joined aerial rave about how much it has helped them regain those muscles!
  5. Healthier joints and bones. Why is this important? As women we’re at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis as we age. It’s important to keep those connective tissues between our bones warm and in use to combat our odds.
  6. It aids in weight loss. The best part is it doesn’t feel like you’re working out. It’s the kind of gym routine you look forward to completing. 
  7. Pole fitness does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. 

The Extra Benefits:

  1. Becoming a part of a community where sisterhood and friendships are top of mind.
  2. It improves your coordination and memory. 
  3. A safe place to freely express yourself. 

An important reminder: anyone can do it, all you have to do it want it.


Are you ready to come try a pole class at Urban? 

Your first class is only $15! Click the banner and scroll to the bottom of the page after it’s loaded to secure your spot in our next Intro to Pole/First Steps class.

Urban Aerial is a beginner-friendly zone and provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all its students. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Facebook or Yelp.