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Ab Conditioning For Aerialists

Alex here again with a quick tip for ab conditioning for aerialists.

Core strength is extremely important for practicing aerial arts. If you are looking to improve your core strength, just become an aerialist and you will feel your midsection getting stronger after every session.

I asked our instructor Mando to share his favorite ab exercises you can do at home to improve core strength. Mando is known for his great (and exhausting) warm-ups, and for his 8 pack!

In this video, he shares two of his favorite exercises to get your core nice and strong so you can invert with ease in the air. The basic sit-up is one of his favorites and he’s all about leg raises. Leg raises and the circling around the legs are not only great for your abs but they also help strengthen your hip flexors which are essential for invertions with straight legs.

So grab a mat and get to work ;). We hope you found this tip useful and we look forward to seeing you at our studio soon.

Happy flying!

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