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Does Aerial Hurt?

The question we get asked a lot is, does aerial hurt? You’re not going to like this answer…but yes. Aerial is a little squeeze-y, a smidgen pinch-y, and a bit bruise-y. 

There are two types of pain. One is acceptable and the other is not okay. Aerial is the acceptable kind of pain, it’s not your favorite feeling in the world but its manageable and not doing any real damage. Plus, it’s important to remember that it might hurt the first time you try it but over time your skin will build tolerance and it won’t hurt as much each time you get squeeze-y. Every aerialist will tell you this is true, moves hurt less the more you do them.

Explain acceptable pain ...

After your first class or first couple classes you may experience some aching hands because you’re increasing your grip strength. You may get some blisters on your hands and possible foot cramping. As you progress through aerial training you’ll eventually get a bruise here and there, but its more like a rite of passage and feel proud to have gotten to that point.

Can you reduce the pain?

YES. There are a few tricks to help lessen the blow. Leg warmers and gloves do help while on the hoop. Long high waisted pants and formfitting shirts helps keep your skin covered while on hammock or silks.

But aerial is complete badassery and totally worth it all in the end.

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