Say Goodbye To
Boring, Repetitive,

Urban Aerial Fitness is much more than a ‘gym’. We are a place where you can leave your worries behind while you get a serious workout in a fun and encouraging environment.

Say Goodbye To
Boring, Repetitive,

Urban Aerial Fitness is much more than a ‘gym’. We are a place where you can leave your worries behind while you get a serious workout in a fun and encouraging environment.
When was the last time you surprised yourself?


Come and discover the most FUN exercise around.
By training aerial fitness you will:

  • Get Stronger: Your arms & core will get crazy strong.
  • Get Flexible: Aerial fitness naturally increases flexibility
  • Be More Confident: After doing incredible hard moves you will feel empowered and confident
  • Make Friends: Our group classes will give you a supportive environment and you will meet other flyers.

Don't take our word for it.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

“It’s so much better than going to the gym, especially if you are looking for a new challenge like I was.”
“Absolutely amazing place! Very friendly and the instructors are the best! Good for all levels”
“I absolutely love this studio! The classes are small, so you get more air time and guidance.”
shannon_randol (1)
“Simply showing up to class has done so much for my confidence and overall well being both mentally and physically. The atmosphere at Urban is like family and every instructor is super supportive and encouraging.”


“This is without a doubt the most positive fitness environment I have ever experienced.  If you are looking for a place to increase your level of fitness where women support other women THIS IS IT.”
“I started taking classes here a couple weeks ago and I’m kind of in love.  The students here have all been friendly; I haven’t felt judged by anyone. They have a great easy-going and bright vibe going on.”
“The classes are smaller and you get a ton of hang time which I love. Everyone really participates and puts in effort. The lyras (hoops) are on pulleys like they should be “
“I love this place. All of the staff is so friendly and encouraging. They have great package deals, and everyone should give this place a try.”
“I started after 50 years of never doing anything that was upper body training. I started with zero strength and flexibility and now I am doing things I never ever thought I could do”

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Meet Our Instructors



Alexandra has been practicing aerial arts for the last 4 years and has little by little transitioned from a student to a teacher. Before training on aerial arts she was a semi-professional ballroom dance competitor and a Flamenco dancer. She currently teaches aerial arts for beginners and also kids and teens.



Amanda has been practicing aerial arts for 5 years. She is a consummate teacher who brings with her over 5 years as a fitness and outdoors activities instructor.

She currently teaches flexibility and Introduction to  Lyra/Hoop



Annie started her aerial journey 9 years ago when she decided to try a pole class. She has been training on and off since then mainly in southern California and the Los Angeles area.  

She has been teaching aerial for about two and a half years. Her favorite apparatuses are Silks and Hoop.

Photo: @scottmc



Ashleigh has been practicing aerial arts for the last 5 years. As an experienced performer, she brings a level of dedication and attention to detail in every part of a routine.

She currently teaches Introduction to Silks, Lyra (hoop) single & doubles.

Photo: @mauicreativephoto



Gina is a former ballet dancer and a certified Barre instructor. Once she started teaching group fitness, she really found her passion in helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve probably seen her in class. She is a longtime student of Urban and is now transitioning to teacher. 



Mando has been training aerial arts for 10 years and has taught all over Orange County for the last 8 years.  His journey began after he was invited by a friend to try and class and he never came down from the silks.

He performs as a stilt walker, and aerialist for multiple talent agencies. His expertise includes breaking down movements, providing his students with detailed explanations as well as a master at spotting and teaching safety in the air.


Rachel’s bio coming soon.


Sarah has been practicing aerial arts for the last 6 years. Her dedication and love for silks and pole have taken her from student to instructor.
Sarah has an innate ability to figure out and break down complicated wraps and poses. Her ability to teach those moves in a fun environment makes her classes perfect for new students.


Taylor-Rose specializes in aerial arts, contortion, fire dancing, and hula hooping. She has been training circus arts for 5 years and has been performing professionally for 4 years.
Taylor-Rose has had wonderful opportunities to perform all over the United States and internationally. In addition to performing, she is also an instructor and loves to share her passion for circus entertainment and performance art with others, her enthusiasm, and wonderful energy is contagious and she always finds a way to bring out the inner performer in all her students


Veronica’s bio coming soon

Do You Enjoy Performing?

Check Out Our Members Performances

Our members work hard at developing their strength and skills, so twice per year we glam-it-up and have a blast performing for our friends, family and aerial arts enthusiasts.

So, Are You Ready To Fly?