The Secret To Fitness Success Is Doing Something That You Enjoy!

  • Does the thought of being cooped up in a traditional gym, surrounded by constant grunting, dumbbells clanking and treadmill stomping make you want to run for the hills? 
  • Have you tried over and over to stick to a fitness program just to see your motivation dwindle after a month or two?
  • Do you marvel at others who are able to perform amazing feats of strength and coordination with their bodies?

We know the exact feeling. Just like you, we understand the importance of staying fit, but we expect a lot more from a fitness program. We want to exercise doing fun, beautiful things, not just pushing barbells around. We want to workout at a place where we can talk to people, mingle with other students and grow together as aerialists and individuals.

So what are the benefits of practicing aerial arts with us?

  • You will develop a strong and flexible body which will make you feel and look younger.
  • You will prevent future injuries by building muscle and increasing your bone density.
  • Impress your friends and family by showing them you are able to do push-ups and pull-ups.

So if you are looking for a fitness program which will make you strong, more flexible and confident, then look no further.  Our studio provides a nurturing and supportive environment where you will be constantly encouraged and challenged to reach new heights, literally.

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Are you ready?

We understand that it can be intimidating to try something new, but we also know you are going to love our workouts. That’s why we have a special offer for first-time flyers, so if you are ready to try the most FUN WORKOUT AROUND, pick your first class from the list below to get started for just $15. 

New customers only. Class expires 30 days from purchase date. One class per customer. Must be a southern California resident.

Keep flying, as high as you can!