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Our pre-flight at home workout video is a collection of moves recommended by our instructors to get you ready for your first class. 
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Did you watch the video and think to yourself;

“There is NO way I can do aerial. I don’t have any upper body strength. My core is non-existent. I am not flexible and have never had any kind of dance or gymnastic training. This isn’t for people like me…”

Girl, tell that mean girl living inside your head to zip it. You can do hard things. Stop limiting yourself with excuses. All you need is a want to impress yourself. We help you build strength and flexibility in class. Not to mention, nearly 3/4ths of our members have zero dance or gymnastic training.

Aerial fitness is a great full-body workout that is unlike any group fitness or gym class. Consider elevating your health and wellness journey with aerial, but don’t just take our word for it

Don't take our word for it.

Read What Our Students Have To Say

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“Simply showing up to class has done so much for my confidence and overall well being both mentally and physically. The atmosphere at Urban is like family and every instructor is super supportive and encouraging.”


“This is without a doubt the most positive fitness environment I have ever experienced.  If you are looking for a place to increase your level of fitness where women support other women THIS IS IT.”
“I started taking classes here a couple weeks ago and I’m kind of in love.  The students here have all been friendly; I haven’t felt judged by anyone. They have a great easy-going and bright vibe going on.”

So, are you ready to download our pre-visit workoout video?