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UAF Member Profile - Deanna

One of the best parts of training Aerial Arts at Urban Aerial Fitness is getting to meet remarkable people who are willing to step away from traditions and are ready to try new experiences, challenging the standard norms for fitness.

One of such people is Deanna. Deanna has been practicing Aerial Arts with us for a some time and is committed to improving her life quality by developing muscle and flexibility through our Aerial program.

We asked Deanna to share with us some aspects of her aerial journey. We hope you enjoy it.

– Alex

Hi Diana, thanks for taking some time to talk with us. As you know, you’ve been chosen as this month’s featured member because we think you are a remarkable person,  you work so hard, and you are so much fun to be around.

Tell us, how long have you been practicing aerial arts?

About 4 years. I bought an introductory class for my niece and decided to do it with her I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I tried the class with her and was just fascinated by it.

How did you find Urban Aerial Fitness?

Well, when I decided I wanted to try aerial I searched and tried different studios. Eventually, I found Urban and I just loved this studio, it felt like home from the very beginning, I like the atmosphere, the teachers, and all the students are so fun and supportive.

Do you have a gymnastics or dance background? What did you normally did for fitness before aerial?

I have zero gymnastics or dance background, I just did the gym like everyone else, never tried anything like this before.

What is your favorite aerial apparatus and why?

Silks because they are so beautiful and drapey

Besides the aerial classes, what do you like about Urban Aerial Fitness the most?

The people, all the teachers, and the students. I like the attention to all aspects of fitness and training in general, the overall attention to form, and the quality of instruction. There is a lot of individual attention, here the teachers pay close attention to what you are looking for

How many years young are you?

I am 62 years young, I started after 50 years of never doing anything that was upper body training, anyone can do this, and is for all ages.

Any advice for peeps out there that feel curious about aerial, that want to try it but feel they are not strong enough or flexible enough?

I started with zero strength and flexibility and now I am doing things I never ever thought I could do, so give it a try! Aerial is for everyone!

Keep flying, as high as you can!

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