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Foot Lock From The Ground

Foot locks are are the core of so many moves. They are essential in the training for new aerialists and as such, we make sure to break it down as much as possible. Before we teach new flyers how to get a foot lock up in the air, we make sure to show foot locks from the ground.

In this video, I show how to perform a single foot lock from the ground. This is a move which we usually teach during a client’s first visit.  As you can see in the video below, this move is quite simple, but just to be extra clear, let’s look at the most important pointers.

  1. Make sure to lift your leg up “captain morgan” style. If you keep your leg too close to the ground, you will barely come off the ground while you climb.
  2. When you create your “boot”, be extra careful with your toes, make sure they are all free and not caught on silks. Toes are very delicate and you can get hurt.
  3. Once you are up in the air, you will feel the silks really squeeze your foot. Now, this is going to feel strange and a bit painful at first, but after a week or so, it will not be an issue.

Now that you have a single foot lock setup, you can start learning your first moves such as a lean out,  a front leg passe or a hanging split.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little video. If you did, please subscribe to our youtube channel for more aerial tutorials and more aerial videos.

Happy flying!