UAF Member Profile - Grace (Betty)

When people ask us about pole dancing as a fitness program, most times they do so with a bit of incredulity on their faces. For some reason, they assume that “dancing around a pole” does not really count as a real workout. Of course, this is the first stigma to be broken as soon as they give pole fitness a try.

For us, however, pole fitness is so much more than a “workout for the body”. We feel it is an “exercise for the soul”. There is something magical about the slow but constant transformation that we see our members go through.

Our studio has tons of member and all of them are amazing. Some are just starting their journey while others have been at it for a while. One of our original members who constantly inspire us because of her determination and great demeanor is Grace. 

Grace has been with us from the day we opened our doors. Watching her transformation has been such an inspiration for everyone at the studio. We felt it would be great to share her story with you, so we asked her to share her thoughts on her pole fitness journey


Before: overweight, high blood pressure. After: fit, strong, stable blood pressure and HOT!
So here’s why I continue to do Pole fitness when most women my age stay closer to the ground.
Pole fitness has made me more confident in more ways than one. Putting myself out there, especially in showcases, takes a lot of confidence and courage. After all, we’re wearing tiny shorts for good reasons. It’s not just to show off our stems,  we gotta stick, stick, stick to that pole.
Pole fitness also made me dress less dowdy.  I saw our instructors Mary and Natalie looking so hot and I’m thinking, I need to be like them. When I started Pole, I was a Finance Director for a health insurance company (the company is a DOW 30 member), so by default I was surrounded by conservative dressers. Pole made me dress more feminine; more dresses with jackets instead of dark-colored suits. I can actually see the transformation when I look at my travel pictures. I attribute it all to the magic of Pole fitness.
Pole also stimulates one’s creativity as well. The free dancing at the end of each class forces us to that.  There’s nothing more freeing than dancing your way around the pole. How can you not like climbing and free-falling it! (in a controlled way, of course) It’s what kids do!
Lastly, the studio classes provide cardio and flexibility opportunities in one place.  I was on high blood pressure meds when I started training Pole, high BP runs in my family, but then again, my sedentary job did not help. Pole fitness is the only workout, which I have undertaken that kept my interest for over five years now.  A year and a half into Pole,  I was taken off the meds and continue to be off.  
My involvement with Pole Fitness introduced me to a very diverse group of people and all ages. I think being surrounded by young and older people helps a person to be young at heart. I  witnessed that with my father-in-law who taught high school well into his 70s.
– Grace
Retired and still turning heads!
Flexibility takes time, but with practice everyone can get their splits

Thanks a lot for sharing your pole fitness journey with us Grace. You are absolutely awesome! and remember:

Keep dancing, as much as you can!

– Rudy

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