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Who attended last weekend’s Hustlers Pole Dance Party at Urban? I know we’re biased when we say this but…it was SUCH a great time and turnout! The pole room was filled with beautiful and empowered women who brought their girlfriends and were ready for a fun night inspired by the new movie inspired by true events, Hustlers.

If you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have cable and don’t get commercials), Hustlers is a comedy/crime/drama movie inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows former strip club employees (played by singer goddesses Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Lizzo) who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

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The Hustlers trailer got every Urban Aerial instructor at the studio HYPED (who doesn’t love a good beat to dance to?) and wanting to throw a pole dance party to teach some of the moves from the movie to students.

A themed pole dance party had never been done before so…why not?

Intro Pole Instructor Sarah warmed up the Hustlers crowd with some simple yet sultry warm-up moves to get everyone comfortable with the pole.

Urban Instructor Alex reminded the crowd “It’s just another type of dance apparatus, have fun!”

After warm-ups, Alex demonstrated the first three moves to the night’s routine which included some prancing, a tango swipe, and proper arm form.

THEN, Pole Instructor Amanda took over to teach our Hustlers crowd a proper front knee hook and how to swing it all the way down to the ground. Hint: squeeze those glutes girls and keep your hips pushed forward! Always keep those muscles engaged.

Sarah got back up at front and center to teach the remainder of the Hustlers routine which incorporated some fancy floor-work to top off the night’s routine.

And yes, every single lady in the room worked that floor-work from start to finish.

Now it was time to put the WHOLE thing together. Someone cued the music, and off they all went! Every single female strutted their stuff (with and without heels) and killed it on pole.​

At this point, it was time for Queen Nat (another Pole Instructor at Urban) to show everyone the different walking moves on how to get you to the pole, instead of simply walking up to it. “It must be done with some sass ladies!”

Natalie also kicked off the night’s pole showcase routines to give new students an idea of what more can be done in pole fitness and Amanda closed out the show with her own style of pole. Spoiler alert: BAD ASS

Urban Aerial Pole Instructors Demos

The Hustlers Pole Dance Party closed with a Twerk session lead by Sarah. You never know how many different ways there are to twerk until you get a bunch of pole instructors into one room.

Every single lady in there put their thing down, flipped it, and reversed it!

Did we mention that there was also food and beverage provided too? It was a proper girls night with champagne, an enormous charcuterie table, AND chicken and spinach empanadas from Cambalache Grill Argentine & Italian Cuisine.

In conclusion? It was an incredible night filled with fun and tons of girl power. The feedback from guests was phenomenal, more themed pole dance parties are in our future. Join our newsletter to be alerted for the next pole dance party.

Urban Aerial is a beginner-friendly zone and provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all its students. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Facebook or Yelp.

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