Annie started her aerial journey 9 years ago when she decided to try a pole class. She has been training on and off since then mainly in southern California and the Los Angeles area.  

She has been teaching aerial for about two and a half years. Her favorite apparatuses are Silks and Hoop.

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Mando has been training aerial arts for 10 years and has taught all over Orange County teaching for the last 8 years.  His journey began after he was invited by a friend to try and class and he never came down from the silks.

He performs as a stilt walker, and aerialist for multiple talent agencies. His expertise includes breaking down movements, providing his students with detailed explanations as well as a master at spotting and teaching safety in the air.

His favorite part of the job is the joy people get from their progress.



Ashleigh has been practicing aerial arts for the last 5 years. As an experienced performer, she brings a level of dedication and attention to detail in every part of a routine.

She currently teaches Introduction to Silks, Lyra (hoop) single & doubles.

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Ashlie is a five-time Pole Sport Organization medal winner. She has taught dance, barre, yoga and Pole at several studios in Orange County and couldn’t be happier to have found Urban Aerial.  Her background in yoga, dance and kinesiology gives her a passion for teaching proper technique and alignment.

Ashlie loves exploring movement and pushing students to find their personal styles and expressions!

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Alexandra has been practicing aerial arts for the last 4 years and has little by little transitioned from a student to a teacher. Before training on aerial arts she was a semi-professional ballroom dance competitor and a Flamenco dancer. She currently teaches aerial arts for beginners and also kids and teens.



A visual and performance artists. Her practice consists of strength and power that flows into graceful movements. Erika has been competing and performing on and off in Pole for 6 years and Lyra for 5 years. Her physical background is in artistic gymnastics and cheerleading

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A fitness professional for 13 years, Mary knew that when she entered the Pole and Aerial world, that she found something truly remarkable. 

“Finding a fitness practice that includes strength, flexibility and artistry was my saving grace!”. The human body is capable of great things. Make today the day you push aside that little voice of doubt, and claim “I can do this!”

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Natalie graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. “When people ask Natalie what she does for a living, she tells them, “I help Stella get her groove back.”

She has been teaching over 13 years and my specialty is beginners of all ages, shapes and sizes.

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Julie has over a decade of pole dance experience, as well as a background in fitness and gymnastics. She excels in both flexibility and sensual body movement, mixing the two to create her own unique style. 

“I believe every woman should feel strong, smart, sexy and confident. Pole fitness does that all of that for me, and I love that I get to share that experience with other women!”

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Taylor-Rose specializes in aerial arts, contortion, fire dancing, and hula hooping. She has been training circus arts for 5 years and has been performing professionally for 4 years.
Taylor-Rose has had wonderful opportunities to perform all over the United States and internationally. In addition to performing, she is also an instructor and loves to share her passion for circus entertainment and performance art with others, her enthusiasm, and wonderful energy is contagious and she always finds a way to bring out the inner performer in all her students

Lisa La

Lisa began taking aerial in 2008 at The Aerial Classroom.  After shadowing her aerial mentor Elizabeth, Lisa started subbing classes in 2010. In 2011 she started teaching on her own for The Aerial Classroom.