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Intro to Aerial Silks at Urban Aerial Fitness: What to Expect

What is an aerial workout? It’s an alternative fitness program that includes using silks, hammock, hoop, and sometimes trapeze equipment to get a full-body workout while suspended in the air. The best part? You don’t really feel like you’re working out. You’re too busy having fun to notice the sweat beads forming or the elevated heart rate.

Aerial is not just for dancers and gymnasts, in fact, a majority of the students at Urban Aerial Fitness have ZERO background and experience in dance. If you are a dancer or gymnast and have that “body awareness” already built-in, joining an aerial class might be the change-up in your exercise routine you’re looking for. We have a number of students who have incorporated our classes into their dance schedule, too!

It’s an all for one, one for all kind of
atmosphere at Urban Aerial Fitness.


What Do I Wear?

Please show up to class wearing a regular workout top and long Spandex material workout pants that don’t have any zippers, buttons, or other accouterments that can cause rubbing or irritation.

Please remove all jewelry before class, too. Necklaces can break, watches will snag, and we don’t want your rings to smash your fingers while gripping a hoop or silk.

Try not to show up to class with a full stomach or after brunch where you had a couple of mimosas.

and finally, because the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones is our top priority, we do require all visitors to wear a mask while at the studio. 

What do I bring?

Due to COVID, we are asking all visitors to bring their own yoga mat and blocks for stretching. We do have silks, hammocks, hoops and poles that are disinfected after each use. However, we highly recommend that clients purchase one of our silk kits, so they avoid sharing porous surfaces with others.

Please remember to also bring a water bottle and a small towel.

What to expect?

The first 15 minutes are spent on a yoga mat warming up. Your instructor will lead you through a few hip and shoulder-opening poses to get your muscles warm. You’ll then move to the silks and finishing warming up with some shoulder shrugs and knee raises, this takes another 5 – 10 minutes depending on the size of the class.

If you have any prior muscle injuries, please tell your instructor. They will give you modifications to help you protect yourself. After your warm-up, you begin the lesson. Every instructor tailors the lesson plan based on each individual student’s needs.

If this if your first class, you will begin with learning how to do a basic climb  and also how to put on a foot lock. If you nail both of those moves, the instructor will give you additional beginner tricks to learn.

The Day After?

Your muscles are going to be sore the day after my friends. We’ve had dudes who bench 200 lbs easy, tell us those tiny muscles that never get worked were screaming the next day.

Aerial silks are especially great for improving upper body strength – it’s one of the best ab workouts around. The great news is that aerial silk workouts count as cardio too while providing strength-building benefits. This makes aerial silks a great form of exercise to improve upper body strength and to aid weight loss.

Urban Aerial is a beginner-friendly zone and provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all its students. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Facebook or Yelp.


Your first aerial class is only $15. Sign up for class, today!