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Kids & Teens Spring 2019 Open House Silks Performance

On April 6th we opened our doors to families with kids and teens to our studio in Fountain Valley, California. It was a fun evening where we made new friends, and were able to share with our community the amazing work that our students have been doing.

Our guests got to interact with our teachers and apparatuses. Laughs and cellphone-cameras where a-plenty and by the end of the night everyone got a great workout. It was a fun, healthy family event which allowed us to meet more of our neighbors.

We had our first ever set of student demos. Each of our students took turns performing a routine that they help put together for our guest attendees. Most of our student performers have been training with us for less than 6 months, but in this span of time they have grown and learn so much.  Once they knew that they would have a chance to perform, they really stepped it up and their focus and dedication jumped up several levels.

Our first silks performance was by Isabella. Isabella has been training aerial with us for about 5 months. She always shows up to class with a big smile, excited, ready to work hard and give her best. She is always friendly and welcoming to all new students and is happy to help them.

We are so proud of how far she’s come and how strong she’s getting, she is a natural performer and we love having here! Way to go Isabella!

The last silks performance of the evening was done by our lovely Esther. Esther started silks about 4 months ago with zero experience. She works so hard at every class and never loses focus while still having fun. She is a delight and we can’t wait to see what amazing routines she’ll perform next. We love you, Esther! Keep flying high!

It was a great night and we are looking forward  to the next time we host a kids and teens open house. We are sure our students will prepare just as hard so they can give a great show.


Keep flying, as high as you can!