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My First Pole Fitness Class Experience with Sarah

This was written by a member of ours who recently tried out Sarah’s Pole Flow class and shared their experience with us.

If I had to pick five words (or phrases) to describe myself, the word sexy wouldn’t be one of them. I’d consider using athletic, fierce, creative, or the word motivated before ever considering “I’m sexy.”

Maybe in my early twenties, I would’ve thrown the word sexy into the mix, but back then my nights were spent dressed to the nines at bars or clubs where the lights were dim, the bass bumped, and my rump got lowww. On those nights I looked good, felt good, and danced well.

So, what happened?

I’ve been coming to Urban Aerial Fitness for almost a year now and I’m absolutely in love with Silks, Hammock, and Hoop, but I had never taken one of the Pole Fitness classes available (but I was curious, doesn’t hurt to try it out at least once) because I was pretty sure I’d embarrass myself or try too hard and for years have to scream the memory out of my head while I was in the shower.

But then this chick named Sarah came along who taught Intro to Pole Fitness, and I could hear her class’s music (spoiler alert: every song I used to dance to when I was in my early twenties) being played and it piqued my interest…

Naturally, I started to creep her on Instagram to see what she was doing back there and her stories were filled with Pole Fitness routines paired with my ‘old’ booty dropping music.

And I’ll be honest, friends…even with the nostalgia I was feeling it STILL took me a few weeks to commit to signing up to be in one of her classes. But I had noticed she wasn’t making her beginners start off in heals AND she had done a teaser video for next week’s class that promised to incorporate chair…

“Well,” I thought, “If I look ridiculous during the Pole portion at least I have an option to kill it on a chair.” Because c’ mon, we’ve all seen Flashdance.

I bit the bullet, pushed my nerves aside and signed up for Sarah’s Intro to Pole Fitness class on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.Spoiler alert: her warm-up made me sweat. I was shocked.

Sarah started the class by setting an intention and encouraging us to “get out of your own head.” She also shared that nobody else in the class is going to be watching you, we’re all watching ourselves because it’s about feeling it for yourself.

Unfortunately, I’ve never practiced anything in front of a mirror, so the second I started to learn a few steps and caught sight of myself in the mirror (possibly an awkward Bambi), I got into my own head. BUT, realizing how much my self-confidence has dropped made me want to challenge myself and get back to loving the skin I’m in.

This past week I signed up again for Sarah’s Intro to Pole Fitness on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM and loved it. This week’s class focused on how to get onto the pole and get yourself down to the ground (with bomb music to motivate and appreciate!). I loved it.

I worked up a sweat, gained a few muscles, and didn’t cringe (as much) when I starred at myself in the mirror. And that friends, is what I like to call progress. 😊

Check out this clip below if you’re curious about signing up for one of Sarah’s Intro to Pole Fitness classes.

Urban Aerial is a beginner-friendly zone and provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all its students. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Facebook or Yelp.

Don’t forget, your first Pole Fitness class is only $15