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Pole Member Profile: Mariah K.

This video to the left is Mariah attempting to incorporate two advanced move from a pole sit, which is NOT the most comfortable position in the word and she demonstrates beautiful control.

Our favorite part of this video is hearing the cheers of encouragement from students and instructor. The sense of community is a force to be reckoned with  at Urban Aerial Fitness, it’s what we pride ourselves on. You take a class with us and your family. Period.

Do you ever wonder who is taking Pole Fitness classes at Urban Aerial Fitness? You don’t have to look like a Hustler in order to sign up for a class with us. Some of our members are opting for Pole Fitness classes instead of running a couple of miles each morning and we want you to get to know them. 

Let us tell you about Mariah and how her journey led her to our pole room in Fountain Valley.

Urban Aerial Fitness

“I would’ve never imagined I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for the amazing instructors and students at Urban Aerial Fitness.”

Mariah was born and raised in Wooster, Ohio. A quaint town where everyone knows everyone. She had dreams of moving to Southern California ever since she was 15 years old and one year ago she made those dreams come true, but it came with a price.

The only family Mariah had out in California was an Aunt and Uncle. Her days grew more lonely and she felt herself getting depressed. It was hard and got to her fast. She knew she needed to get out of the house and interact with others so she turned to Yelp and Google to find a solution.

She had always had an interest in taking a pole fitness class but never had the chance because where she’s from it wasn’t an option.

Now that she lived in Southern California it could be an option if she wanted it to be. And after getting sucked into the black hole known as YouTube via pole fitness routines and beginner move tutorials, she knew she wanted to give it a try even though she had no prior experience.

“I ended up stumbling upon Urban. I read some of the reviews and clicked through pictures, it was almost immediately that I thought, “yup, I’m hooked!”

Mariah didn’t want to go to the gym every day or run. She needed a workout that didn’t feel like one. She purchased an Intro Package and signed up for her first class straight away. 

After completing her first class where she had felt so welcomed, insired, motivated, and that everyone in the room was on her team, she left the studio with a Pole Fitness membership at Urban.

Urban Aerial Fitness is a place where stress does not exist and achievement flows like water because every day in the air is a success”

Q: What do you like about pole?

M: What I like about pole is it’s a way for me to express my sexuality without having to do it in front of everyone, per say. You get a killer workout in but also feel empowered at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Q: What would you say to a new timer who is worried about the unknowns of Pole?

M: I would tell someone who’s new to Pole that it’s not easy but totally worth it. There will be painful parts, and don’t overthink it. Let the moves flow through you. 

Urban Aerial is a beginner-friendly zone and provides a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all its students. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Facebook or Yelp.

Don’t forget, your first Pole Fitness class is only $15