Professional photographs are fun! If you want photographs, get them! Not matter what level you’re at, show it off. You don’t need to be in a spatchcock or a handspring to get beautiful photos. A simple pose standing next to a pole is beautiful on it’s own.

How do I find the right photographer? Finding someone with a pole and aerial background definitely can help your photographs. Photographers like Alloy Images, Don Curry, Oliver Pavick and Nina Reed know the moves you are talking about! This can make a photo shoot so much easier as they can help with body placement, angles and tips. Sometimes, they will even come up with fun ideas for how to make the move look better in a photograph. It can never hurt to have someone who knows both worlds. Many people forget that photographers are artists and each has their own unique style which may or may not be right for you. Go on social media or their website and check out previous work! It would be a bummer to pay for photographs just to have them come out in a style that you don’t like.

Dashiell Berri 2- Alloy Images
Dashell Berri – Alloy Images

How to prepare for your photoshoot. Paying for photos and just showing up is not really how it works. Some photographers know pole and aerial well so they can give you tips but others do not. Know the tricks that you want to perform and take photos from different angles with your cell phone before hand. Practice leg variations and and figure out what photographs best for your body. If you have photos on your phone of the trick and angle that you want, you can show the photographer so they know beforehand. This way, you won’t have to hold your trick just to find out the photo isn’t the view you wanted. If you do find that you’re holding a pose and not getting the photo you want, move on and come back to it later! You don’t want to spend too much time on one move, and remember, beautiful images come at the least expected times! Bring multiple outfits and shoes. Let’s face it, we change our minds. The day of your photo shoot will be no different. Bring options with you in case you decide to go in another direction!

Ashley Carter - David Moyle
Ashley Carter – David Moyle

What should I wear? Just because it is a photo shoot doesn’t mean pole moves get easier. You will still need something flexible to move around it. Try out your outfits on a pole beforehand to ensure that you will be able to do your tricks in the outfit! You don’t have to be basic. Choose what you want to wear! Be sure to let photographers know if you are uncomfortable with them posting your images. Photographers will respect your request to not post images on their page so you can do whatever poses and wear whatever you would like to!

Know what you want. Know what you are looking for in your photos. Photographers will be able to help you get that “sexy look” or that “ballerina style” if you let them know. They can adapt to your personality if you communicate with them. Not all pole moves are sexy and not all aerial moves are pretty. If you want to wear a Buzz Lightyear costume and be goofy, let them know! Most photographers love to find cool images that they can use in their portfolio so they will want to help you think of fun ideas.

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