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Aerial fitness is a circus-inspired workout program that combines dance, movement with flexibility and strength. 

It is a fitness program that is perfect for those who struggle to find a workout that ‘they can stick to’. This is a common struggle and it is mainly because traditional workouts are so repetitive that you eventually lose interest. 

This is where aerial fitness is different. It is a workout that is as beautiful as it is effective. It will push you like no other workout has and in time you will build a strong, flexible body that will be able to to incredibly hard things. 

You don’t need a dance or gymnastics background to succeed at aerial, you just need to take the first step, and then just keep showing up to class. Before you know it, you will be up in the air, doing gorgeous things.

Ailine Aerial Instuctor

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Our Classes

Aerial Silks

Intro to Aerial, First Flight

If you are a first timer, this class is for you! We will work on aerial conditioning and learn our first poses, simple foot-locks, climb technique and get you ready to start flying. Classes are small (7 to 8 people).

Silks Basics

After your first aerial class, you’re ready for the basics. In a basics class we focus on conditioning, stretching and aerial fundamentals. You will learn the ABCs of silks, different climbs, basic foot-locks, simple wraps, and single drops, as well as beginner sequences.

Silks Intermediate +

For intermediate classes, we recommend that you are confident in your double foot locks, invert straddles, and basic wraps. Ask your instructor if you are ready to start intermediate classes.

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Aerial Hoop

Hoop Basics

After your intro class, you’re ready to focus on learning flow sequences on the hoop. All our apparatus points are on a pulley system, so you can feel confident at whatever height you’d prefer.

Hoop Intermediate +

We recommend you are confident mounting onto a hoop while suspended, straddle up without touching the ground, and know all your basic poses. Ask your instructor if you are ready to start intermediate classes. 

Other Apparatus


Hammock is one of our studio’s specialty aerial arts class. This is not an aerial yoga class. Aerial hammock combines silk and hoop techniques to create free flowing routines to explore movement on silks in a whole new way. 

This is an all-level class, so we recommend taking a few basics classes in either silk or hoop beforehand.


Rope is an advanced aerial apparatus seen in many circus performances. It requires a strong grip and core. Recommended for intermediate students. 

This is an all-level class, so we recommend checking with your instructor before registering.

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Love Performing?

So do we! Which is why twice per year, we choose a theme,  build a routine, and go all out with makeup and costumes.

The student showcases are the most buzz generating events at the studio. Students create solo or group routines, search or make their own costumes and let their creativity fly.  

Our production team transforms our fitness studio into a filming studio with music-coordinated lights and a professional photographer ready to capture your moment on the spotlight. 

Got a favorite song to which you would love perform? Let us help you create your routine and capture this moment in time for posterity.

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Our Students Love Us

And we love them. It is such a joy to help our students fall in love with aerial fitness, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing them reach new levels of fitness, and confidence.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our students have to say

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