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Straight Leg Inverts

Alex here with another quick conditioning tip, this time for all Lyra beginners out there.

One of the essential moves for hoop practitioners is the straddle invert. This move develops your core, upper-body strength and it feels great on your back. The problem is that this can be a challenging move for new flyers.

I asked the lovely Taylor-Rose, one of our amazing instructors and part of our performing team, to share with us her favorite conditioning exercise for those struggling with inverts. As usual, she came up with something awesome, which you can check out in the following video.

Pretty cool,  right? I especially like the ‘jump and hold the negative’ variation. It brings back fond memories of my first days practicing Lyra. 

I hope you found this tip useful and I look forward to seeing you by the studio soon.

Keep flying, as high as you can!


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