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Urban Aerial Fitness Fall Showcase Recap | Insider's Edition

Pole Fitness at Urban Aerial Fitness

Urban Aerial Fitness had a packed house for its annual fall showcase. It was amazing to see so many friends, family members, and people supporting our performers. 

This year’s theme was Movie & Soundtracks. Aerialists chose songs from movie classics such as Grease, Flashdance, and Chicago, to television hits like The Addams Family, Gray’s Anatomy, and legendary HBO special, Game of Thrones. 

Spoiler alert: every single performer KILLED their routines. There aren’t enough adjectives in the dictionary to explain properly, you’ll have to take our word for it and be sure to come to Urban’s next showcase in the spring.

The Dress Rehearsals

One week before our aerialists took center stage, everyone piled into Urban for their first run through with music AND lighting. *Shout out to Rudy for his fabulous lighting skills! It really upped the ante for both performers and audience members. 

One by one performers took their place on a silk, hoop, hammock, or pole, and ran through their routine. What you don’t see is the hours each aerialist put in before getting to this moment at dress rehearsals. You don’t see the weeks, months, minutes or days spent leading up to this moment of semi-chaos. 

The rehearsal lasted about 90-minutes before everyone left for home. Even the disgruntled Oompa Loompa managed to find her way home that night… if you know, you know. 

It's Showtime

We wish we could highlight our favorite moment from every single performance but those of you reading might hate us after the first dozen. Here are some of the highlights from Urban Aerial Fitness Fall Showcase Movie & Soundtracks.

Pole Performances

Pole Fitness Class at Urban Aerial Fitness
Fall Showcase - Pole Room at Urban Aerial Fitness

From left to right: Mariah – @amaezingg7 -and Alex’s – @mata.alexandra – rendition of Tango by Morticia from The Addams Family was wildly funny and sexy. Kate Kalenova – @pelmeshka_9 – had a smile on her face the entire time she performed a song from TV hit Gray’s Anatomy. And who couldn’t love our groovy pole cleaners who helped wipe down the apparatuses in between each performance!

Hoop, Hammock, Silks

From left to right: Tiana – @aerialtee – always wows us with her shapes and flexibility. Her rendition of The Shape of Water was beautiful. Sarah –@sarahro.aerial – hyped the crowd up with fan favorite, Grease. She gussied up to audience members and flirted in true Rizzo fashion. Then, how couldn’t we not talk about Ashleigh – @native_aerial – and Gabi’s – @little2feet – Kill Bill medley?! A double’s first at Urban!

And then we were razzle dazzled by these ladies

The show didn’t stop there. Amy and Estella brought their a-game to hoop and Erika nailed her cardio crazy Tron inspired routine.

The Showcase Finale

Those who knew were waiting for it, and those who hadn’t a clue were in for a real treat. Tom Cruise—er Mando made his grand finale appearance at Urban. He and his crew made one ultimate ending to this year’s Fall Showcase. 

Congrats to all of Urban's performers. You all did amazing! Until next year -- xoxo