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Warmup Routine For Splits Training

Flexibility, some have it others don’t, right?

Well, that’s what most people think. We always get clients at the studio who dread having to deal with certain poses because they don’t have the flexibility to hit the pose, or if they are able to hit that pose, it just does not look as good as they would like.

Even though training Aerial Arts will naturally develop flexibility over time, we always encourage our members to train at home or come take one of our flexibility classes. This ensures that they make faster progress towards their goals. We asked our instructor Amanda – @omanda_patricia – to share with us he favorite warm-up routine before training for splits.

Failing to warm up properly will make your splits training less effective. Tendons and ligaments are quite sturdy and it takes a while to loosen them up enough to be able to push them to their limits in a safe way.

Amanda tells us that it is important to slowly give movement to the hips and the hamstrings in a gradual way to get the blood flowing and the muscles looser.  She also reminds us of the importance of breathing while warming up.

A warmup of at least 10 minutes is recommending before trying to push your body to its limits with splits training. Lower-body injuries are extremely common among aerialists. A bad injury can take months of recovery, that’s months without flying, so please make sure to warm up before you go into splits training.

Happy flying!