Starting something new can be scary, especially if you’re going into it alone! Here are some things you may want to think about before taking your first pole class.

The pole industry is still fairly new and those who love it understand how overwhelming it can be to walk into a studio of predominantly females. Just know, we’ve all been there! Check out the studio’s social media or website beforehand so you can check out what your instructor looks like. This way, when you get to the studio you know who to talk to first!

What to expect…
You may think that you are going to walk onto the set of Mean Girls, but you’re not. Most studios are full of fun loving people ready to unwind from a busy day. Expect a warm-up of simple yoga moves, stretching and loosening up your muscles. Some classes will begin with introductions during warm-up to get everyone chatting.

Chris Sea - Alloy Images
Chris Sea – Alloy Images

What to ask…
Pole is a diverse sport taught by people with various backgrounds. Ask what muscles you will be using and let instructors know about any injuries, no matter how minor! All pole moves can be altered to ensure you are not hurting yourself. If you have tried a move and it is exhausting you, ask for a modification! Don’t compare your level to someone else’s level, we all come from different backgrounds.

What to wear/bring…
Don’t wear lotion! We know you want to but don’t. Lotion makes the pole slippery which will make it extremely difficult to hold onto the pole. Bring layers; sports bra, tank top, sweatshirt, shorts, pants, socks. If you are uncomfortable in shorts, wear pants over them. For most beginner classes you will not need your shorts but you may find yourself wishing you had them mid class! Skin sticks to metal, fabric does not. Sticking to the pole is key in many pole moves, especially when you’re just learning them. Bring water with you so you can stay hydrated during class and snacks for after class; yogurt, fruits, vegetables.

Dez Raven - Alloy Images
Dez Raven – Alloy Images

What to do after…
Relax. Even though you’re having fun and may not realize it, pole is a workout. Don’t have a cocktail after your workout or those sore muscles are going to be twice as sore. Take a day or two to rest your muscles and drink lots of water! Then come back and try again!

What if I hate it…
Like everything else in the world there are many kinds of pole dancing. Just because you did not enjoy your first class doesn’t mean you should quit! Do your research and find a studio/instructors geared towards the type of dance you want to learn. Don’t be shy! Contact studios to let them know what you’re looking for and ask for suggestions on classes.

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