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Amanda has been practicing aerial arts for 5 years. She is a consummate teacher who brings with her over 5 years as a fitness and outdoors activities instructor.

She currently teaches flexibility, contortion, pole and hoop

How was your first aerial class and what made you go back?

My first aerial class was such a challenge! The studio I went to was right next to my old climbing gym and even though the apparatus was a lyra and this studio had the students share the hoop I remember being so surprised with how hard it was and how sore I was! The movement and performance aspect was so taboo to me, especially in pole so the challenge of that was so appealing as well.

What is your favorite apparatus, and why?

My favorite apparatus is lyra and pole! The way the apparatuses spin and their heaviness, hardness. I love moving around the apparatus and it comes intuitively and natural. Lyra was the first apparatus I saw in cirque and the first apparatus I tried, it will always be my first love!

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I have been teaching wellness and fitness for 6 years. I am an outdoor climbing instructor, paddle instructor, yoga instructor, aerial and pole instructor. I lead groups on mental health and recovery when I’m not teaching at the studio or outdoors. I love inspiring people to try something that comes as a challenge and introducing people to something they are excited by in a non intimidating environment. I love introducing what has changed my life to others in a safe, fun and welcoming way.

What makes Urban Aerial Fitness Special?

I tried several other studios before Urban, both pole and aerial. UAF was different, my first class was a private 6 years ago. I fell in love with the instructors, the studio vibe, and realized how special the studio was immediately. Even after moving away I realized even more how much of an encouraging atmosphere UAF naturally has and it is like no other place I have trained. I am so grateful to be apart of such a positive and authentic teaching team and circus culture that inspires eachother to grow in an inclusive and healthy atmosphere.

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