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Absolutely! Everyone is different. At our studio, we have all sorts of students with all sorts of backgrounds. If you don’t have the splits or backbends there’s plenty of poses that don’t require them, but the best part is that you will start getting flexible as you progress since our instructors will also help you reach those goals. We also offer flexibility classes which can help you reach your goals faster.

Tight shorts and tank tops or a sports bras are great. You can bring stilettos if you feel more adventurous. We also have heels at the studio if you want to give it a try. You may attend class with or without heels.

Category: Pole

Wear fitted leggings and tank tops, avoid clothes that are too baggy or loose since the silks might get tangled with them. Also, please be aware that you will be barefoot during class.

Absolutely! We encourage you to always take pictures and videos when you hit those amazing poses, it is also a great way to track your progress. We currently do not, allow you to record the instructor while he is giving the lesson.

Yes! That is why you should take a class! You will be amazed at the progress you make from one class to the next, we see our students make tremendous progress, going from not being able to hold your body weight up on a pull up to doing it gracefully while smiling. Aerial training is an amazing way to build upper body strength, core, and flexibility while having fun!

Our “Hoop 1/Silks 1” class is the perfect class for beginners. After you arrive and sign in, the instructor will start with warmup and stretching exercises, then you’ll get to try two apparatuses, the silks, and the lyra (hoop).

Our instructor will demonstrate the basics and then you’ll get to try, don’t worry everyone here is very kind and supportive. You will learn also some conditioning moves that will help build your strength so you can fly!

Yes you will. Our program is designed to take you from out of shape to climbing the silks or pole in a short period. At the end of the day, it all depends on how frequently you train.

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