Finally, a workout that you will love!

Experience a whole new way to do fitness.

All it takes is $20

*new clients only. One pass per client

Finally, a workout that you will love!

Experience a whole new way to do fitness.

All it takes is $20

Good for Intro to Pole classes.
First time visitors only

Pole dancing classes are a killer workout for any individual looking for a new challenge, a form of expression, or simply to have some fun while getting in shape. 

You don’t need any experience with dance, flexibility, or even exercise to get started. Every body is a great body for pole dancing.

Every workout helps you to build a stronger, better you. Most importantly, pole classes help you feel comfortable in your body. By combining sensuality of movement and aerial arts, pole dancing is perfect for those looking for a different fitness experience.

When you join Urban Aerial Fitness as a member, you get access to pole and aerial classes, as well as flexibility training

Pole Fitness Classes

Our Classes

Intro To Pole

If you’re a first time student, this is the class you need to take. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique.

All of our pole dancing classes begin with stretching and conditioning, then we will take you through key foundational movements, language, and stylization. Once you’ve taken intro to pole, you’re ready for the basics.

Beginner Pole Tricks

After your Intro To Pole class, you can join our beginner pole tricks class. In beginner pole tricks, you will begin to learn climbs so you can dance in the air and learn to transition from climbs into tricks. You will also build foundational muscle for inverting on the pole.

Get ready to gain some muscle tone!

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Pole Flow

This is an all levels class. We recommend taking a pole basics class first.  Pole Flow builds strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and overall fitness while focusing on beautiful, sensual flowing movement. You will learn progressions of floor work, static spins, and dance. 

Pole Dancing Classes In Orange County

Love Performing?

So do we! Which is why twice per year, we choose a theme,  build a routine, and go all out with makeup and costumes.

The student showcases are the most buzz generating events at the studio. Students create solo or group routines, search or make their own costumes and let their creativity fly.  

Our production team transforms our fitness studio into a filming studio with music-coordinated lights and a professional photographer ready to capture your moment on the spotlight. 

Got a favorite song to which you would love perform? Let us help you create your routine and capture this moment in time for posterity.

Our Students Love Us

And we love them. It is such a joy to help our students fall in love with pole dancing and aerial arts, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing them reach new levels of fitness, and confidence. But don’t take our word for it, read what our students have to say

So, are you ready to get started?

*new clients only. One pass per client

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