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We take pride in the team of instructors that we have built over the years (some were also students at Urban Aerial Fitness!) As avid practitioners of the aerial arts, our instructors understand the journey each of our clients experience.

Our instructors are experts at breaking down complex movement so they are easier to understand. They also know the necessary conditioning a student must achieve before performing certain moves. Finally, since safety always comes first, they ensure you will learn in a safe way, to minimize risk of injury. 

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Alexandra has been practicing aerial arts for the last 9 years and transitioned to teaching in 2018 . Before training on aerial arts, she was a semi-professional ballroom dance competitor and a Flamenco dancer. She currently teaches aerial arts for beginners and also kids and teens.

Amanda has practiced aerial arts for 7 years. She is a consummate teacher who brings with her tons of experience as a fitness and outdoors activities instructor.

She currently teaches pole, flexibility and hoop

Annie started her aerial journey 9 years ago when she decided to try a pole class. She has trained on and off since then, mainly in southern California.  

She has taught aerial for about two and a half years. Her favorite apparatuses are Silks and Hoop.


Ali has been pole dancing since 2019 and fell in love almost instantly. She can’t live without her heels and currently teaches heels classes and sexy workshops. Ali has a background in competitive gymnastics and personal training. 

 It was only natural that she fell into pole competitions and has done 4 to date. She is currently in school to become a chiropractor dedicating her practice to helping pole dancers and aerialists prevent injuries, rehab, and recover to aid in sport/artistic performance.

Ashleigh has been practicing aerial arts for the last 9 years. She began with no experience but quickly found that aerials fulfilled her childhood dream of being a gymnast. As an experienced performer and former professional actor, she brings a level of dedication and attention to detail to every part of her class instruction and routines. 

She currently teaches Intermediate Silks, Lyra (hoop) Single & Doubles and Flexibility. 

A visual and performance artists. Her practice consists of strength and power that flows into graceful movements.

Erika has been competing and performing on and off in Pole for 7 years and Lyra for 6 years. Her physical background is in artistic gymnastics and cheerleading

Gina is a former ballet dancer and a certified Barre instructor. Once she started teaching group fitness, she really found her passion in helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.

Gina started her aerial journey with Urban in 2018 and now teaches flexibility and fitness classes. 

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Laura’s bio coming soon…

Rachel has been training in aerial arts for 10 years. Before teaching aerial, Rachel was a competitive dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader. She currently teaches aerial arts for beginners and kids.

Sarah has practiced aerial arts for the last 8 years. Her dedication and love for silks and pole have taken her from student to instructor.
Sarah has an innate ability to figure out and break down complicated wraps and poses. Her ability to teach those movements in a fun environment makes her classes perfect for new students.
Taylor-Rose specializes in aerial arts, contortion, fire dancing, and hula hooping. She has trained in circus arts for 5 years and has performed professionally for 4 years.
Taylor-Rose has wonderful opportunities to perform all over the United States and internationally. As an instructor, she loves to share her passion for circus entertainment and performance art with others. Her enthusiasm and wonderful energy is contagious. She always finds a way to bring out the inner performer in all her students.


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Nick has been practicing aerial on-and-off for the past 8 years. They currently teach silks, hoop and intro to aerial classes for adults and kids.


Studio Assistant - Kids

Ana has been practicing aerial arts for the past 3 years. She trains silks and hammock.

She assists on kids intro to aerial classes and helps with studio operations.

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