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A visual and performance artists. Her practice consists of strength and power that flows into graceful movements.

Erika has been competing and performing on and off in Pole for 8 years and Lyra for 7 years. Her physical background is in artistic gymnastics and cheerleading

How was your first aerial class and what made you go back?

My fist pole class was from Groupon, I went to a intro class and thought it was nice. At the end of class the instructor invited us to try a trick, once I went upside down I was hooked.

What is your favorite apparatus, and why?

Pole, it is so versatile you can be high up in the air one day and the next work on floor and dance. It fits all my moods.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I enjoy when body and mind can create harmony and art. If I’m able to inspire and instruct one person it brings joy to my heart.

What makes Urban Aerial Fitness Special?

Urban Aerial is a fun and inclusive environment that invites anyone to achieve their dreams.

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