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Ashleigh has been practicing aerial arts for the last 5 years. As an experienced performer, she brings a level of dedication and attention to detail in every part of a routine.

She currently teaches Silks, Lyra (hoop) and flexibility classes.

How was your first aerial class and what made you go back?

Hard! Everything hurt and I couldn’t climb or pull up to save my life. That challenge is what kept me going followed by the incredible reward of looking back and seeing how capable my body truly was and is.

What is your favorite apparatus, and why?

Silks will always have my heart. I love that they require thinking, knowledge and skill all at once. You have to have an idea of where you are going before you can really start to understand their endless capabilities and string multiple things together. Aerial Silks was the first circus act I saw live and I was captivated by the beauty and strength of them.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I love proving to my students that they are so much more capable than they think. Watching a person’s aerial journey is incredibly rewarding. You see them go from struggling to stay in the air to performing routines and surpassing all kinds of goals.

What makes Urban Aerial Fitness Special?

Urban is so special because it is a place of deep empowerment and encouragement. I have seen countless friendships, side businesses, duos and performers be born out of our studio and I know that it is a true haven for many, many people.

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