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Annie started her aerial journey 9 years ago when she decided to try a pole class. She has been training on and off since then mainly in southern California and the Los Angeles area.  

She has been teaching aerial for about two and a half years. Her favorite apparatuses are Silks and Hoop.

How was your first aerial class and what made you go back?

It was extremely challenging, but I didn’t want to give up right away so I came back.

What is your favorite apparatus, and why?

My favorite apparatus would be lyra/hoop because it is not malleable so your body has to bend to the shape of the apparatus to perform the poses and tricks.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

Teaching is rewarding for me because I love seeing novices start from scratch and achieve their aerial goals.

What makes Urban Aerial Fitness Special?

UAF is special in the fact that it is a place that does not discriminate on any person’s fitness background and meets the goals of whomever steps in the door whether it be for hobbyists or individuals who want to take their aerial skills to a professional level. At the end of the day it’s all about having fun.

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