Getting Started

Step 1 - Sign up for a pole intro class

If it’s your first time taking a pole fitness class, we recommend starting with “Intro to Pole First Dance”. Our small group fitness classes have limited spots each week, so sign up ahead of time.

If you are an experienced aerialist and are looking to give our studio a try, please check our pricing page for regular classes. Us coupon code UAFTRYOUT and save $15 at on your first visit.

Step 2 - Sign Waivers

To save time, sign our general liability and our COVID-19 waiver online. You can also arrive 10 min before your first aerial fitness class to sign your waivers. Click on the links below and you’ll be on your way.

What To Wear

For aerial fitness, we recommend leggings and a tank-top or a snug fitting t-shirt. Please refrain from wearing loose fitting clothing–you don’t want to get your clothes tangled in your apparatus! 

For pole dancing, please wear shorts and a tank or comfortable t-shirt.

You will be barefoot on both apparatus. Please bring your own yoga mat and yoga blocks (if you need them)

COVID-19 Protocols

1 – Hand Sanitation

We have purchased several hand sanitizer dispensers as well as a bunch of hospital grade sanitizer. Please sanitize your hands often.

2 – Apparatus Sharing

Each client will be assigned to an apparatus for the class. We ask you only use apparatus for the duration of the class.

Aerial silks and hammocks are available for new visitors, however, we require all members and regular clients to use a personal silk kit. Interested in purchasing one? We sell them at the front desk.

3 – BYOBM – Bring Your Own Blocks & Mat

To reduce the germ cross contamination, we will require each client to bring in their own yoga blocks, yoga mat and any other equipment they might need. We know this is a bit inconvenient, but it’s the most hygienic approach.

4 – Sterilization

We ask all our students to use the provided sanitizing wipes to wipe down their safety mats at the end of each class.

5 – Face Masks

We are following the CDCs honor system. If you are vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask. If you are not vaccinated, we highly encourage you wear a mask, for your own safety.

Pick Your Interest

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