Member Spotlight – Danielle G.

Member Spotlight – Danielle G.

Meet Dani! Environmental Scientist by day, fantastic aerialist/poler by night (and by day on the weekends). 

Danielle is one of our first clients to go through the whole aerialist journey, from sporadic visits to a never-miss-a-class V.I.P. member.  Her growth as an aerialist has been truly inspirational and we are so proud of her that we had to share her journey with you.

One On One With Danielle

We sat down with Danielle for a quick conversation about her aerial journey.  She shares with us thoughts about her first classes, the challenges she faced and her favorite parts of being an Urban Aerial Fitness member.

The Begining

Danielle began her aerial journey when she found our studio through a 3rd party booking service that we used to reach out to people looking for cool, alternative fitness methods. She saw our aerial classes and was intrigued so she signed up for an aerial class.

During her first months, she would take hoop basics and aerial basics classes. She recalls how much she struggled during the first classes, and even though she could climb right away, there were moves such as a silks straddle-backs that took a while to achieve.

When Aerial Took Hold

Danielle continued taking aerial classes, going from one class per week to two classes per week and eventually throwing in privates and workshops.  All her hard work started to pay off, big time. Eventually, it became common to see Danielle on a silk or hoop pulling off some crazy move that wowed everyone at the studio.

We realized how good she was becoming so, naturally we wanted her to perform in our upcoming student showcase. She joined forces with Chrystine, another member at UAF and gave us this beautiful performance.

Dani doing aerial silks

Checkout Danielle's First Aerial Performance

Today and Beyond

Danielle continues her aerial and pole journey with constant practice and dedication. Lately, she has transitioned to practice Pole fitness more than Silks or Lyra and has made huge improvements to her flexibility, strength, and shapes.

Since transitioning to Pole, she has joined in on a couple of showcase performances, first as a group performer and later with a “Game of Thrones” inspired performance that blew everyone’s socks off! 

Danielle's Game of Thrones Pole Performance