Nicole R. Photo

Member Spotlight – Nicole R.

Nicole R. Photo

Member Spotlight – Nicole R.

Meet Nicole (@cocodanyella)! Coffee & Tea house connoisseur, blogger and aerialist. 

Nicole is a customer that holds a special place in our hearts as she was one of our very first students. It has been such a joy to see her incredible progress. On top of that, she is one of our UAF unofficial attache’s, who is always ready to welcome new members and show them around the studio. 

One On One With Nicole

We sat down with Nicole for a quick conversation. Between laughs, snacks and a little wine,  our conversation went by so fast. Watch along to learn more about how Urban Aerial has impacted her life.

The Begining

Nicole began her aerial journey in 2016. Her first aerial class was with a friend who asked her to tag along for her birthday. Nicole was interested in trying out aerial, so she purchased a multi-class punch card.

She was interested in trying out the hoop, but they ended up enrolling in a silks class. That first aerial class was quite intimidating and it took her almost a year to come back and give aerial another try.

When Aerial Took Hold

When she returned to Urban Aerial for her next class, she found it a lot easier to assimilate. This is why Nicole recommends that if you are interested in aerial, you should take at least two classes. Mainly because aerial fitness is so different from anything out there, that most of your first class will be a bit confusing and will challenge you in ways that a gym can’t. On the second class, you already know what to expect, so you are more open to learning.

As she began taking classes regularly, she gravitated towards Pole and Hoop (lyra). Nicole had previous pole dancing experience. She loves pole dancing because it involves movement, flow and sensualness, which are areas that she loves to explore. She also loves practicing hoop because it requires the same movement and flow, but it requires a bit more strength. Above all, she loves hoop because its so much fun.


What Urban Aerial Means To Nicole

Nicole’s journey has been amazing, but what we love the most is to see the relationships she has formed. It is heartwarming to see our students walk into class and greet each other with loving hugs and a quick chat.

These relationships form bonds that extend beyond our studio walls. Getting to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, graduations and different life events with other students enriches our lives and is another thing that makes Urban Aerial so special.

We are so proud of you, Nicole. Your progress has been amazing and you are a splash of joy that brightens our days when you visit.